Gustav Klimt, The Kiss (Lovers) oil painting cm 80x60 (CP029)
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Hand painted canvas with dancers of Ballet (SJMY3297)
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Canvas wall art oil ...
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Psychedelic Butterflies Abstract Paintings 35x50 cm for 3 panels (575)

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Ministry of Shop offers paintings printed directly on canvas through innovative technology and high quality. Images are very sharp, true-color and with infinite shades. Prints are soft, colors enter fully into the canvas giving really unique effects. The design and the colors do not change over time. The painting is not just a design object, the images and the colors are also used to communicate and are an expression of your way of being. Choose the style, subject, color, fiber and customize your home with the images you love most, giving character and intimacy to your spaces! IF YOU WANT OTHER SIZE, MORE PANELS OR OTHER COSTUMIZATIONS, WRITE TO

 Type  Canvas Printing, HD Giclee Print.
 Style  Hotel, Home, Office, Coffee Shop, and other Wall Decoration.
 Size  35x50 cm x 3 panels.
 The customer can tell the size, the number of panels and customize the paintings.

 Fiber Canvas.

 Linen Canvas.

 Cotton Canvas.


 Without Frame.

 Print Machine

 EPSON SC-S30680, the Museum Quality Print Machine, using the best Print Header, can produce

 the best quality Canvas/Paper Prints.

 Ink  Weak Solvent Ink, Environmental-Friendly Ink, Never Fade.

 Canvas in a protective carton tube: roll with tube, plastic paper covered then into a protective tube

 Customized package is welcome.

DELIVERY TIME: about 20 working days

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