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Thank you for choosing Ministry of Shop Limited.

The policy of Ministry of Shop Limited Provides for the protection of your personal data and your privacy.

Below you will find details on our detection method, use, disclosure and protection of your personal data.

The following notes are applied exclusively by

It is not responsibility of Ministry of Shop Limited as your privacy and your personal data will be used by other sites whose links are present in or which the link is content.

Browsing, you agree with that described in the next points.



There are several ways that uses to collect and survey data.

These data will be used primarily to optimize and speed up your browsing on our site so you do not enter each time your personal data, facilitate research in the various categories, alert you of new products, promotions or services offered by Ministry of Shop Limited.

Ministry of Shop Limited uses a sales method called drop-ship, a new concept that does not include warehouse or stock. Upon purchase, the order will be sent to the supplier, who will ship the product directly to the end user. To suppliers of will be provided user's personal information needed to perform their service, such as name and address.

The personal data you provide may be shared in the event of requests by law enforcement officials; to preserve our legal rights or to protect by the legislative point of view Ministry of Shop Limited or others; in the case of fraud or illegal use of our website.



To be able to freely navigate the various sections of the site, speed up the purchase of products, be up to date and follow the progress of orders placed, receive service information, personalized promotions, discounts, and have the ability to insert tips and complaints, we recommend users to register their account in and newsletters, which links are on the Home Page of our website. For registration you will be asked to enter some personal information, including name, sex, date of birth, address and telephone number, e-mail address.

This data will be used by the Ministry of Shop Limited for the shipment of products purchased, billing, communications regarding orders and the site and marketing research of the Company. Thanks to the user-supplied information, we can also contact him in case of problems with the shipment or site maintenance.

You can cancel your registration or choose not to receive e-mail from at any time.