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Terms and Conditions


Wishing you a welcome, Ministry Of Shop Limited bring to its customers the terms and conditions of use of the site, listed herein. Every client who receives any service on, will be subject to the rules, terms and conditions, policies and guidelines listed below in the following agreement.
To Ministry Of Shop Limited priority is the customer, then at any time changes or updates will be made to improve and simplify the use of the site and therefore may be subject to change also the terms and conditions of use at any moment.

1) The operator of the site (user) must be of legal age or viewing the contents of the pages under the supervision of a parent or an adult. In correspondence to the terms and conditions of this agreement, Ministry Of Shop Limited allows its users the purchase of the items sold on the site, buying for third parties and for commercial use.

2) If the user is logged on, has a personal password and an account that allows access to personal data. Ministry Of Shop Limited has no chance of being able to control the source access or investigate, so it is not responsible for the use of a user by a third party. In the event you would notice that his account was hacked by an unauthorized person must immediately notify Ministry Of Shop Limited send an email with subject "violation" to help us fight threats or breaches of security of the site

3) Ministry Of Shop Limited provides the service to anyone accessing the site, does not copy, post, distribute, transpose, alter, transform, rent or in any way use this site for commercial use without the consent by Ministry Of Shop Limited.

4) It is absolutely possible for anyone and for any reason, copy, distribute, or make any use of trademarks, patents, trade ideas and copyrighted materials on this site. Ministry Of Shop Limited has the right to cancel any order, limit the account and refuse service at any time, especially if the use of the site by the customer is deemed to be harmful or violate any laws.

5) Logos, trademarks, pictures, videos, texts, promotional phrases, descriptions, parts graphics, buttons, icons and structure of the site are the exclusive property of Ministry Of Shop Limited for no reason and no one can use, copy or pick up on because protected by copyright laws.

6) Is strictly forbidden to make use of the logos and trademarks in creating damage at Ministry Of Shop Limited.

7) Ministry Of Shop Limited except as otherwise provided in the terms and conditions of sale of each product, shall refrain from any responsibility for the sale of products offered on this website in case damage or product warranty. specifically but not limited to, disclaims all warranties, express or implied, on the use of the information or the site, except as specified here in the limit permitted by applicable laws.

8) Ministry Of Shop Limited warns users that the Gentiles our site, you may inadvertently contain misspellings or typographical errors.

9) In the case of eventuasli damages from Ministry Of Shop Limited to its customers and users, the total liability recognized can not exceed the total amount of the costs paid for the product in question.

10) All products sold on orders will be accepted and only after having considered your purchase then the price can not be considered as an offer but an invitation to consider a purchase. Considered as reported in the previous paragraph, all'avvenuto order, will have the right to request further information pending the Processing Time.

11) The prices of products sold on the site are originally based on a set price in U.S. dollars "USD". Of course, if you choose to buy in other currencies, you need to consider the exchange rate of the currencies that are processed by a converter based on a daily rate established by the Ministry Of Shop Limited.

12) as site may contain links and links to other social networking sites or sites that are not owned by the Ministry Of Shop Limited, therefore, the user can easily understand that we are not responsible for the operation and content that are on other sites.

13) If there are any disputes or conflicts, they must be established with a friendly negotiation. All disputes not settled amicably shall be decided at Hong Kong International Arbitration Center under the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce INCOTERMS 2000 and according to the agreements. The judge's decision will be accepted as final and binding on both parties. The costs arising shall be borne by the losing party.


                                                                                                                                            Ministry of Shop Limited